Policy Configuration for Self-Service Features


ADSelfService Plus offers 4 self-service features to domain users:

  1. Self Reset Passwords.

  2. Self Unlock Accounts.

  3. Update Personal Info / Self Update of AD Accounts.

  4. Change Passwords.

As an administrator, you can decide whether users of a domain or selected organizations unit(s) (OU) will avail themselves of any or all of these functions. In other words, you set a "self-service policy" for the users and define the extent they can use ADSelfService Plus.


The "Policy Configuration" section provides all the functionalities for you to define/edit/delete policies.


To Configure a Self Service Policy


By default, ADSelfService Plus sets a policy for the entire domain, when it discovers DCs of a domain. Thus when you log in for the first time (as an administrator) this default policy will be shown to you. Conventionally, every self-service feature is selected. If it fits your requirement, you can retain it; else, you can edit it. Furthermore, you can configure the 4 self-service features too.

  1. Click on the "Configuration" Tab.

  2. Enter a Policy Name in the Text box provided.

  3. Provide a check against one or all self service features that you wish to delegate to users.

    • Reset Password

    • Unlock Account

    • Self Update

    • Change Password

  4. Click on "Select OUs" button.

  5. This will "Pop-up" the list of all OUs in the configured Domains in a "Tree View" or "List View".

  6. Select "Domain" from the dropdown this will list OUs in the selected Domain.

  7. Provide a check against one or all OUs to select OUs for policy application.

  8. Click on "OK" button.

  9. Click on "Save" button this will save the configured settings.

This will allow users in the selected OUs to enjoy the Self Service features that are checked in the policy.

ADSelfService Plus allows you to define any number of "self-service policies" in a given domain, provided there is no OU duplication in the policies.( i.e an OU  which is already a part of a policy cannot be subjected to another policy).


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