Configuring Security Question and Answers


To Configure Security Question and Answers for identity verification, follow the steps provided below. This page also provides information on various options ADSelfService Plus provides for for an administrator to configure while security questions and answers are defined.


  1. Click on "Configuration" Tab -->>"Multi-factor Authentication" (from the "Self-Service" section)

  2. Check  the "Enable Security Q & A" option (for enabling "Security Q & A" feature)

  3. The "Question  &  Answer  Settings"  would  get  enabled

The "Question Settings" will allow you to define the following:

The "Answer Settings" will allow you to define the following:


Number of Administrator-defined questions:


These are the questions that you, as an administrator, wish to ask the user during the Identity Verification Process .

  • Enter the number of questions you desire to force on the users in the text box.

  • Click the link "Edit Questions" beside the text box to define a new question or edit an existing one.

    • Adding a question: In this pop-up, just besides "Add a new question", you will find a text box. Type in the question that you want to ask the user and then click the button "Add".

    • Once you are done with this, your question will be listed below.

    • Modifying/deleting an existing question

    • Click the edit icon to edit a question - You can modify an existing question or create a new question of your own.

    • Click the asterisk icon to make a question mandatory - Making a question mandatory will force the user to provide an answer for this question.

    • Click the delete icon to delete a question - Deleting a question here will remove the question from the end-users selection list while enrollment. In other words, mandatory questions do not give the user the freedom to choose from a set of questions; instead he has to answer what he is asked.

Number of user-defined questions:


User-defined questions are questions that users will set themselves during enrollment process. You can set a limit on the number of user-defined security questions.


Number of characters for user-defined questions:


Through this option, you can set the limit on number of characters for user-defined questions. Enter the minimum and maximum values.


Number of characters for answers:


Set limits on the number of characters that users can use for their answers during enrollment process. Enter minimum and maximum values as desired.



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