Email Verification

Once email verification is enabled, users can enter the verification code sent to their email address to prove their identity.


  1. The email server must be configured. To do so, login to the ADSelfService Plus admin portal and configure your email server from Admin > Product Settings > Mail/SMS Settings.
  2. The email attributes must be configured. You can do this from the Configuration tab > Multi-factor Authentication > Advanced > Verification Code.
  3. VC Advanced setting

Steps to configure email verification

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Self-Service > Multi-factor Authentication > Authenticators Setup.
  2. From the Choose the Policy drop-down, select a policy.
  3. Note: ADSelfService Plus allows you to create OU and group-based policies. To create a policy, go to Configuration > Self-Service > Policy Configuration > Add New Policy. Click Select OUs/Groups, and make the selection based on your requirements. You need to select at least one self-service feature. Finally, click Save Policy.

  4. Click Email Verification section.
  5. From the Select Type drop-down, choose from the listed options and customize the subject and message as per the requirement which will be used for Email verification:
    • MFA for Password Reset & Account Lock: When the user performs Self-service password reset/account unlock.
    • TFA for ADSelfService Plus Login: When the user logs into the ADSelfService portal.
    • Endpoint MFA: When the user logs into the machine [ Windows/Mac/Linux ] physically or remotely.

    Email Configuration

  6. Select Send secure link by e-mail to send the authentication link to users' emails instead of sending the verification code. Users simply need to click the authentication link to prove their identity.
  7. Note: The Send secure link by email option only works for password self-service actions (password resets and account unlocks) through a web browser or the login agent, and not for ADSelfService Plus' iOS and Android mobile apps.

  8. Click Save.


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