Configuring Email Verification


In this method, the identities of users are verified through a verification code sent to their email address. Apart from verification codes, you can also choose to send a Secure Password Reset/Account Unlock Link via email to verify a user's identity. When this option is enabled, an email containing a secure password reset/unlock account link will be sent to the users' email address. Clicking on the secure link will take the users to the self-password reset or unlock account page from where they can reset their password or unlock their account.



Make sure that you've configured Email Server.

Steps to configure Email Verification

  1. Log in to the ADSelfService Plus web console with admin credentials.

  2. Navigate to Configuration → Self-Service → Multi-factor Authentication.

  3. From Choose the Policy dropdown, select a self-service policy.

  4. Click the Configuration tab.

  5. Click Email Verification.

  6. From the Select Type dropdown, select an operation. You can configure different subjects and messages for different operations such as reset password, Windows login, etc.

  7. Enter the Subject of the email.

  8. Enter the Message.

  9. If you want to send a secure link to reset password instead of a verification code, select the Send secure link by email option.

  10. Click Save

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