This section gives you an overview of what ADSelfService Plus is all about. It elaborates the primary functions of the product.

The solution's dashboard allows you to view or access the following.




The dashboard is replenished with a new set of reports at regular intervals.These reports provide a comprehensive study of user actions within the ADSelfService Plus application.


The reports available under the dashboard section are,

User Reports:

These are reports that focus on the 'Status of the user account'.It gives information on the the issue of 'Account Lockout' & 'Password Expiry'.


The various reports available under this category are:

Enrollment Reports:

As the name implies ,these reports - provide information on the enrolled users and also focus on the various other features that accompany the enrollment process of the application.


It lists the following reports:

Audit Reports:

The Audit reports provide information related to the 'user actions within the application' which serve for the auditing purpose.


The reports listed under this category are:

Click on 'Reports' for further details.



Highlights Of The ADSelfService Plus Application:


Besides providing you the "Reports", the dashboard also offers you the 'Links to the services'


The dashboard provides you the links of the following features:

The Dashboard provides you with information on all the domains that are configured in the ADSelfService Plus application as well.

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