Rolling Out ADSelfService Plus:



ADSelfServide Plus has a plethora of services to offer to its users.Of the many services that it has,the ones that hog the limelight are:

This part of the guide deals with the mechanism involved in deploying the above mentioned features.



Deploying The Features: ( General Info)



Self-Service Options: A very easy task.All you have to do is select the features that you want to provide to a particular domain (or OU).Give a name to this setting (policy) & save it.


Click on Policy Configuration for further details




Employee Search: Enable the Employee Search feature (under the Configuration tab) to scout for fellow employees.


For more info,click on Employee Search




Password Expiry Notification: Select this feature (under the Configuration tab) to notify users about their expiring passwords.


For more info, click on Password Expiry Notification



Password Synchronizer: This feature, when enabled, automatically synchronizes Active Directory Password change/ reset of a user across several other platforms.


Click on Password Synchronizer for further details




Mail Group Subscription: Enable this feature to allow users to self-service their mail group subscriptions. Specify which groups are available to users for subscription and users who can subscribe/unsubscribe to them.


Click on Mail Group Subscription for further details




Self-Service Approval Workflow: Enable this feature to review and approve Self-Service actions before making changes to the Active Directory.


Click on Self-Service Approval Workflow for further details


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