Domain Configuration:


Using the 'Domain Settings' feature,you can configure 'New Domains' as well as 'Revamp' various settings of the 'Existing Domain(s)'.

During startup,ADSelfService Plus adds all the domains that could be discovered.If you wish to 'add more domains' (or) incase of 'domains not being discovered',you would have to 'add them manually' with the help of this feature.


Steps To Be Followed 'To Add A Domain' Using The 'Domain Settings' Feature:

  1. Click the 'Domain Settings' tab (available on the top right corner of the application)

  2. To add a 'New Domain',click the 'Click here to add a new domain' button

  3. The 'Add Domain Details' pop-up box appears on screen

  4. In the 'Add Domain Details' pop-up box, specify the various 'Domain Details'

  5. 'Adding A Domain' is a three-step process:

    • Provide the 'Domain Name'

    • Specify the 'Domain Controller(s)'

      Adding Domain Controllers:


      To add 'Domain Controllers',click the 'Discover' button which is available in the 'Add Domain Details' pop-up box.

      • Select the 'domain controller' from the list of available choices(which are discovered from the DNS)

      • In case of 'Domain Controller not being found' ('Domain Controller(s) cannot be discovered.Please specify the Domain Controller(s) below' message will be displayed)

      • You would have to add the 'Domain Controller' manually (specify the 'Domain Controller Name' in the respective textbox provided)

      • Click on 'ADD' to add the 'Domain Controller'.

    • Follow it up with the 'Domain Username & Password'
    • Authentication:

      When a user is included in the 'Domain Admin' group, he/she will be given the rights to 'Query the Active Directory' & 'Perform Various Self-Service Operations' in ADSelfService Plus.The users who are not included in the 'Domain Admin' group require the following 'Permission(s)' to perform the corresponding actions.

      • To perform the 'Reset Password' action,a user should have 'Reset Password' permission

      • To perform the 'Unlock Account' action, a user should have 'Read & Write LockOut time ' permission

      • To perform the 'Self Update' action, a user should have 'Read & Write' permission for the corresponding attributes

      • To install GINA client software,a user should belong to 'Domain Admin' group.

  6. Click on 'ADD' to add the 'Newly Configured Domain'

Various Actions That Can Be Performed On The 'Configured Domains':


Make It Default Option:

Clicking on this option would make that particular domain as the 'Default Domain' in the Domain User Login Page( of the ADSelfService Plus application).

Edit Domain Details Option:

To 'Reconfigure the details of an existing domain', click the 'Edit Domain Details Option'. You can bring about the changes through the 'Edit Domain Details' pop-up box (which appears on clicking the 'Edit' icon)

Update Domain Objects Option:

Clicking on this option would update the 'Domain Objects' of that particular domain.This 'Update Action' brings about synchronization between ADSelfService Plus & the Active Directory(in case of a lag existing between the two).

'Update Details Of XYZ Domain' dialog box would appear when you click on the 'Update Domain Objects' icon.

You can update the 'Domain Objects' with respect to the fields - present in the 'Update Domain Objects' pop-up box - that are mentioned below:

  1. Exchange Servers & Domain Policies

  2. Organizational Units(OUs)

  3. Groups

  4. Users

  5. Computers

Select the 'Desired Options' and click on 'OK'.The 'Domain Objects' would get updated.

Delete Domain Option:

To delete a 'domain from the available list',click on the 'Delete Domain Option' of that respective domain.


Other Attributes Of The Domain Settings Layout:

Domain Display Name:

This is the 'Name of the Domain' given by you for 'display purpose'. It has no connection to the 'Configured Domain Name'. It's sole purpose is to 'display the domain name' - on the User Logon Page - in a way which would be 'easy for the user to comprehend'.


The 'Status' feature sheds light on the 'Rights Associated with the Users of a Domain'.


A 'Success' status indicates that the Domain Users have the 'Admin' privilege.


'The User/System has no Admin Privilege' status would be displayed incase of 'Domain Users' not being granted with the 'Admin' rights.

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