Soon-To-Expire User Passwords Report

The Soon-To-Expire User Passwords Report provides the list of users whose passwords are about to expire in a few days. This report also helps you take proactive measures to inform users to change their passwords before expiry. The information includes the Display Name and sAMAccountName of each user, the timestamp of their last password change, the date and time when their current password will expire, and the timestamp of their most recent login.

Report generation

Export and More

  1. Log into the ADSelfService Plus portal with admin or operator privileges and navigate to Reports > Active Directory Reports > Soon-To-Expire Password Users Report.
  2. Specify the domain using the Select Domain option.
  3. Use the Select OUs option to specify OUs if necessary.
  4. Specify the number of days left for password expiry using the User Passwords that will expire in option.
  5. You can choose to exclude users whose accounts have been Disabled and who use Smart cards from the report using the Exclude Users option.
  6. Then, click on Generate to generate the report.

Note: If you want to send an email, SMS, or push notification to the users whose passwords are about to expire, please click the link in the tooltip to be redirected to the Configured Password/Account Expiration Notification section of ADSelfService Plus.

Report customization

Report customization



Click any of the column headers to view the report's entries in ascending or descending order.

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