Password Expired Users Report :

A user's domain password expires after a certain period of time that is set by the administrator in the AD Password Policy settings. This report contains the list of such password-expired users. It provides information that includes the date of the last password change or reset, the last logon time, and the password expiry date.

Report filtering and generation :

  • Domain : Specify the domain using the Select Domain option
  • OU : Use the Add OUs option to specify OUs if necessary.
  • Exclude users : Exclude Disabled users and Smart card users from the report using the Exclude User option.
  • Then, click on Generate to generate the report.

Report customization :

  • Adding or removing columns : To add columns, click on the Add/Remove Columns option. In the Select columns to be displayed pop-up that appears, select the required fields under Available Columns and click on the right arrow (>>) to move it to the Selected Columns. To remove columns, select the unused fields under Selected Columns and click on the left arrow (<<) to move it to Available Columns.
  • Ordering the columns : The columns' positions can also be altered by selecting a value under Selected Columns and using the Up and Down options to change its position.

  • Sorting : Click on any of the columns except status column to view the report's entries in ascending order or descending order

  • Searching :

    Export and More :


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