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What is enrollment process? How does ADSelfService Plus work? How can it identify me when I have lost my password?

Working with computers always involve authentication which is usually done by the user name and password combination. Now, when you use ADSelfService Plus to reset your Windows password or to unlock your locked-down account, first, the solution has to authenticate your identity.

To do this, the solution uses any or all of the following methods depending on your IT administrator's preference. Providing the information for the authentication, is called the enrollment process.

  • Security question and answer method
    • In this method, you have to either select or write your own security question and store your answer for it.
    • When you login to ADSelfService Plus for resetting password or unlocking account, it asks you the security question. Providing answers that you gave during enrollment proves your identity and then the solution allows you to proceed with the password reset or account unlock process.

  • Verification code method
    • In this method, you need to register your mobile phone number and/or email address.
    • When you want to reset your password (or unlock your account), ADSelfService Plus will send you a code to the registered mobile and/or email address.
    • Enter this code in the ADSelfService Plus application to proceed with the password reset or account unlock process.

Is enrollment a one-time process?

Yes. Once you provide the enrollment details, ADSelfService Plus will always remember you!

Is enrollment that important? Can’t I use ADSelfService Plus just like that?

Well, ADSelfService Plus services can be categorized as Enrollment Requiring Services & Non-Enrollment Services.

  • Enrollment Requiring Services:
    • Self-Service Password Reset
    • Self-Service Account Unlock
  • Non-Enrollment Services:
    • People Search
    • Self-Service Active Directory Update
    • Password Expiration Notification

So, if you want to use the primary functions of this solution, you need to register.


Do I need to register for all the services?

No! Only password self-service needs you to register. Other services such as - People Search and Self-service Directory Update - do not require your enrollment. However, it depends on your administrator's preference as well. If he/she wishes you to enroll to use the other services also, you have to do so.


What if I want to change my Enrollment Data?

Yes, you can. Logon to ADSelfService Plus and edit your enrollment data. For example, your security question is “What is your favorite movie?” to which you had answered “Cast Away” but now you decided to go with “Transformer” (just an example, don’t mind the weird shift in taste!), you can logon and edit the “Security Answer” any time.

NOTE: The administrator has the power to prevent you from editing answers!


When should I reset my password?

The answer is an obvious one - whenever you forget it.

You would not be able to logon to your computer or ADSelfService Plus when you forget your password. Under such circumstances, click on the ‘Forgot Your Password’ button (available on the logon page of ADSelfService Plus) & reset your password.


When will my account get locked down?

This happens when you cross the threshold of permissible invalid login attempts fixed by your administrator.


What should I do when account gets locked down?

Unlock your account by clicking on ‘Unlock Your Account button’ and proceed to unlock your account after the authentication process. You can also unlock your account from the logon page of ADSelfService Plus or from your computer's logon prompt. (in this case, the IT administrator must install the GINA component into your system). .


What’s the use of self-service directory updates (My Info) feature?

This feature provides an option to maintain employee's details up-to-date.
Usually, if there is a change regarding your personal information, you would have to contact the helpdesk & inform them about it; then, the helpdesk will update the database for you.

But with ADSelfService Plus, you can immediately update your records without the intervention of your helpdesk technician.


What are password expiration notifications & why you should heed them ?

The passwords that you configure via this application are ‘time-bound.’ They will expire over a period of time owing to the domain policy configured by your admin.So when this happens, you would be requested to configure a new password.

However, if you use VPN services, Windows cannot apprise you of an impending password expiry or account expiry. Here is where ADSelfService Plus’s Password or Account Expiration Notifications come into play.

‘Password Expiry Notifications’ are automated mails that are generated by this application to keep you updated of your ‘Password status’. These notifications will intimate you the Password expiration date, and request you to change your password.


Why should I change my password?

You may want to change your password:

  • For security: In case, you had been assigned an easily guessable password.
  • If your admin had selected the option “Change Password at Next Logon”.


My password reset wasn’t successful despite adhering to the complexity rules.  What am I missing on?

Worry Not! You failed to meet the password history requirement custom policy, set by your administrator, during password reset.

All you need to do is to make sure that your current password is not the same as your earlier passwords to ensure a successful password reset.