Account management

Handling multiple client organizations?
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What is MSP account management

What is MSP account management?

MSPs face the unique challenge of providing IT services to organizations that have multiple contacts, service level agreements, and work processes. For MSPs, account management means managing multiple organizations as individual accounts on a common platform.

Why account management

Why is account management important?

Managing a number of accounts can be challenging without a tool to process and organize tasks for each account separately. It is easy to mix up contacts or services, miss SLAs, or simply not have enough time to finish all the necessary tasks when handling multiple companies. With account management, these mix ups and delays can be overcome.

Account management in service desk software

ServiceDesk Plus MSP for account management.

ServiceDesk Plus MSP is thoughtfully designed with unique features to handle multiple clients, so you can ensure quality services for your customers. You can protect your clients' data, establish your business relationships by providing security and visibility, maintain their contacts, and accomplish a lot more with this handy tool for MSPs.

Streamline accounts and contacts on the Accounts tab

Centralized account management

Account configurations

Configuring account-specific details

Requester configuration and management

Requester configuration and management



Manage individual contacts and accounts.

Streamline your tasks for exemplary services.

SLA management for accounts

SLA management for accounts

MSP service catalog

Service Catalogs

Account-specific knowledge base

Account-specific knowledge base

Personalize accounts based on client needs


Account-specific reports

Account-specific reports