Advanced analytics

Get the best picture of your service desk to make the best business decisions.
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What is advanced analytics?

As an MSP, it can be taxing to follow KPIs and examine your help desk stats accurately while you're handling multiple customer accounts. Advanced analytics allows you to drill down into data automatically, using tools and techniques that go way beyond conventional data analysis methods. Improve your customers' overall service desk experience by using advanced analytics to get clearer insights and make better predictions and decisions.

Why is analytics important?

You're always striving to drive your business towards success and growth. However, identifying significant service desk KPIs that can help you take stock of business operations is an additional task that your technicians just might not have time to do. Quick and easy access to KPIs, without complex database queries or manual reports, can help you proactively plan and carry out strategic initiatives.

ServiceDesk Plus MSP for advanced analytics.

ServiceDesk Plus MSP features comprehensive reports on your help desk's performance and activities, giving you important data on KPIs to help you stay ahead of your services. Our advanced analytics platform seamlessly integrates with ServiceDesk Plus MSP, taking these reports a step further. Integrate ServiceDesk Plus MSP with Analytics Plus to get a high-level view of your help desk and drill down into specifics without needing to write any complex database queries.

MSP help desk metrics


Access data on metrics easily. Take control of your help desk.

  • Create reports easily with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Get a visual representation of data with clear charts and tables.
  • Share business metrics with stakeholders.
  • Get useful insights on billing patterns and trends from different accounts.
  • Personalize the dashboard for a consolidated view of multiple reports.

Assess your help desk expertly. Make game-changing decisions.

  • Take advantage of over 100 built-in reports.
  • Keep better track of your help desk's activities and performance using more than 80 KPIs.
  • Embed reports and dashboards in websites, intranets, blogs, and applications.
  • Share data and reports to make informed business decisions.
Pre-built help desk reports


Integrate with advanced analytics


Integrate with advanced analytics tools. Take your help desk analytics to the next level.