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Agent Based Scanning

Discover your assets, anywhere, anytime

Manage your assets better with the help of Agents. ServiceDesk Plus – MSP provides up-to-date information of your assets, using agents deployed over your network. Hard-to-reach machines aren’t a problem anymore! The agent scans your asset at periodic intervals for changes and pushes out those changes to ServiceDesk Plus – MSP server. This reduces the burden on ServiceDesk Plus – MSP server and also reduces the load on you network.

Agent Based Scanning


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Easy access for remote control.
  • Provides enhanced security.
  • Deploys agent on your end-user machines’ reducing the burden on servers.

Distributed Asset Scan

Is your customer on a different network? No problem! Install AssetExplorer in the Remote mode [provided free of charge to ServiceDesk Plus – MSP users] on your customer’s network. The remote AssetExplorer scans assets on the network on which it is installed and pushes data to ServiceDesk Plus – MSP at periodic intervals. You can also deploy agents within that network to push data into remote AssetExplorer.