Agent based scan

Track your clients' assets automatically to step up asset management.
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Agent-based scan in ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

Are your clients' IT assets playing hide and seek? We hear you. When your clients have a huge list of IT assets already and keep adding new ones, it is easy to miss recording a few. With the agent-based scanning feature in ServiceDesk Plus MSP, you can leave it to agents to scan your clients' network inside and out and discover IT assets. Additionally, periodic agent scans help keep asset records up-to-date.

Asset tracking system for MSPs


Discover assets automatically. Record and manage all IT assets.

  • Install separate agents for each account to manage multiple clients at once.
  • Reduce the burden on your server by deploying agents in the client's machine.
  • Manage assets efficiently with quick and easy access to client networks through remote control.
  • Scan assets automatically and maintain records with enhanced security.

Integrate with AssetExplorer. Enjoy asset scanning even on different networks.

  • Take advantage of agent-based scanning even if your client is using a different network, using AssetExplorer, an exclusive asset management software from ManageEngine, integrated with ServiceDesk Plus MSP.
  • Install AssetExplorer on your client's network easily using remote access.
  • Receive periodic updates from AssetExplorer scans in ServiceDesk Plus MSP.
Agent based scanning for MSPs