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Asset Management

With the Integrated Asset Management module you can get your client's enterprise-wide asset visibility and manage all the IT and Non-IT assets. Auto discover your IT assets and get the complete inventory of your hardware and software details, ServiceDesk Plus - MSP offers IT asset management & network inventory tracking functionality across both Windows, Linux and MAC workstations.

Features & Benefits

Network Scan

Asset Discovery:

Scan your entire windows machine using our windows domain scan and get the inventory of your Linux machines, Mac, Routers, switches, Printers, Access points and other SNMP devices using the Network scan which also has an option to scan a range of IP address.


Distributed Asset Scan:

Scan the network which is not in the reachability and collect the inventory of your accounts asset details using distributed asset discovery and import them into the ServiceDesk Plus server.

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Windows Domain Scan

Software Management & Licensing:

  • Software Types to track different types of software like managed, prohibited, shareware, freeware etc.
  • Tracks different types of licenses individual, enterprise, volume and CAL