Asset management

Manage assets for all your client accounts from a single console.
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ServiceDesk Plus MSP for asset management.

Battling spreadsheet nightmares? Categorizing and recording IT assets for every client account is challenging, especially when handling multiple accounts with expanding asset inventories. If your IT asset inventory is maintained in a spreadsheet, we understand your struggle. Record and track all of your IT and non-IT assets with ServiceDesk Plus MSP, without having to manually log them into spreadsheets. ServiceDesk Plus MSP can reduce this burden by allowing you to discover all your IT assets, categorize them, and add regular updates automatically, all while marking the boundary for each client account.

IT asset management software for MSPs


Discover assets automatically. Maintain up-to-date information.

  • Perform a network scan across a wide range of IP addresses to collect information on Linux machines, Mac workstations, routers, switches, printers, access points, as well as other SNMP devices.
  • Import asset details from other networks outside of ServiceDesk Plus MSP's reach with the distributed asset scan.
  • Run scripts to identify and import information on individual assets.
  • Schedule automatic scans periodically for asset updates.

Manage assets centrally. Stay compliant at all times.

  • Get an overview of network scan schedules, asset statuses, detailed audit reports, and more, in the assets dashboard.
  • Easily import existing asset details from a CSV file.
  • Create a personalized asset inventory by adding additional fields for asset description, product types, vendors, CI types, and more.
  • Record asset information such as CI type, lease status and expiry, asset state, associations, and purchase cost.
  • Group assets according to their types to conveniently track them.
  • Create your own custom reports or take advantage of easy, one-click asset reports categorized by product type, vendor, or site.
Inventory management system for MSPs