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IT change management.

Everyone wants to be fast and reliable for their clients. Now, you actually can.

Automate every step in the change life cycle with built-in workflows.

  • Configure workflows for different types of changes such as standard, emergency, and major.
  • Streamline change management through definitive stages such as submission, planning, approval, implementation, review, and closure.
  • Reduce repetitive approval mechanisms by associating pre-approved workflows to quickly implement standard or trivial changes.
  • In response to approval actions, configure processes and actions such as progressing the request for change (RFC) to the next stage, automatically notifying stake holders and more.
  • For an organized transition process in your clients' IT environment, create custom change templates for frequently occurring changes and associate workflows to the templates.
Approval Process

Engage your stakeholders with prompt change progress notifications.

  • Configure automatic notifications for your technicians and key account managers when any action is performed on a change request such as approval, request for more information, or status change.
  • Easily access consolidated recommendations and comments from account-based change advisory boards (CABs) or emergency CABs to plan change initiatives.
  • Assign and notify the change manager automatically for quick authorization.
  • Make timely announcements to client business users from within the change request to keep them informed on the planned downtime, unavailability of services, new processes, and more.
Approval Process

Track change associations, dependencies, and metrics in one place.

  • Associate related incidents and problems to a change for a comprehensive understanding of the change prerequisites in the client environment.
  • Ensure effective transitions by facilitating collaboration between technicians and client business users and associating projects, milestones, and tasks from within the change request.
  • Create and formulate dependencies and trigger tasks in pre-defined sequences aligning with the proposed downtime in your clients' IT infrastructure.
  • Track the client services affected and assets involved in the transition process from within the change request.
  • Automatically generate and email metrics including the number of unplanned changes, incidents caused by the change, and closure code of the changes to key account managers.
Approval Process

Ensure change success for your clients with fool proof planning and roll outs.

  • Partner with your clients, analyze the impact of changes, and develop implementation procedures with roll out and back out plans, as well as implementation checklists.
  • Efficiently plan the projected service outage (PSO) and schedule release windows to ensure minimal business risk for your clients.
  • Perform post implementation reviews and add closure codes to mark the change outcome.
  • Ensure prompt and automatic documentation of processes so that you're audit ready at all times.
Approval Process