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Fine Grained Authorization

MSP Help Desk Feature Fine Grained Authorization

Technicians accessing ServiceDesk Plus MSP have access permission to execute certain tasks in the application. These access permissions are termed as Roles which are customized by the help desk administrator and assigned to technicians based on the job requirement.

Fine Grained Authorization helps the administrator to customize roles for specific operations in a more advanced and detailed manner. The “Advanced Permissions” enables the administrator to configure access permissions for minor operations on the request and purchase module.


  • Drilled-down request access permission to add requests, edit requests, adding new requesters, merging requests, closing requests, modifying due by time, modifying resolution, deleting requests, notes and time entries.
  • Fine grained access control to add new product and vendor.
  • The power to roll back the access permissions resides with administrator and can be exercised as needed.


  • Fine Grained Authorization gives the administrator the much needed customization capabilities with respect to defining roles.
  • It increases the access controls and authority of the administrator on the technicians and what they can access in ServiceDesk Plus MSP.
  • It amplifies the data security and keeps a tab on the modifications in the help desk tool.