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    Adding new assets by using the Vendor's Barcode(s)

    Various Assets such as workstations, routers, printers etc can be added to the ServiceDesk Plus by scanning the vendor's barcode(s) that come along with the assets.

    For eg, You can add assets by scanning the Service Tag barcodes that come along with dell laptops.


    To add assets by scanning the Vendor's barcode,

    •  Click on the barcode generation under the Barcode.
    •  Click on ["Add new assets using vendor's barcode"] icon. It will take you to a new page.

    • Click inside the "Scan Your Asset Barcode" field and start scanning your asset's vendor barcodes.
    • The Barcodes of the scanned assets will be listed.
    • Choose a Product Type and the Product.
    • Click on the icon to add new Product.
    • Select Site to associate the scanned assets.
    • Enter the Location of the asset.
    • Type in the comments and click "Add Assets".


    • The scanned barcode will be saved as the asset's name.



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