Adding Change Workflow


    Administrators can configure change workflow by deciding the stage and status the change would move to for a given status like approved or rejected or requested for information etc. and choosing the techncians to be notified when the specified change status is reached and also choosing the technicians who will be notified when the change progresses from current status to next stage.

    While working out change workflows, administrators are provided with the option of configuring the workflow right away (when it is being added) or can save it and configure the same at a later date after elaborate planning.

    This section explains the second option of adding the workflow and configuring it at a later date.

    To add a change workflow, follow the steps given below:

      1. Click  Add  button (available above change workflow list view). This action leads you to the change workflow form.

      2. To set the workflow being configured as the default one, check Set as default check box.


    When a workflow is set as default:

      • When a workflow is set as default, the new change workflows that will be subsequently created will copy the workflow configurations of the defaultf workflow (but this can be edited as per your requirements).

      • While creating a change request using new change form, the workflow field will be populated with the default workflow (this too can be changed)..

      • When a workflow is set as default, it cannot be deleted from the Change Workflow List View.  

      • To set another workflow as default: check Set as default check box while creating the workflow. A message will appear indicating that another workflow is currently being used as the default one. Do you want to change it? Ok the message. The workflow you're configuring will be set as the default workflow.

      • Administrators can also Mark a workflow as emergency, to be used for changes with urgent priorities or pressing deadlines

    1. Enter a brief description about the workflow in Description field.

    2. Add worfklow reference chart, if you have one, using Add a workflow chart reference file link

    3. Click Save button.



    • The Filter drop down menu lets you organize the change workflow list view. You can either View All the change workflows or View General Workflows/View Emergency Workflows alone.

    • By default, two workflows - SDGeneral and SDAdmin - will be available in Change Workflow listview.

    • From the Change Workflow List View, you can edit, delete and duplicate workflows.

    • Click Configure Workflow button beside a change workflow to configure change workflow


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