Stage-Status Involved



    What is a Stage-Status?

    Every Change Stage involves certain number of status(es) amongst which a Change toggles with the help of Status Drop-Down (or) Status Actions Menu before reaching completion.

    For example, let say, a change has been initiated but the change technicians are unable to work on it, as information provided by the change requester is insufficient; under such circumstance, change technicians can switch the change status to Requested for Information (RFI) and wait till the change requester provides them with the concerned information, before proceeding with the change.

    Here Requested for Information is a status of the stage Submission

    Note: Any number of (change) status(es) can be available for a particular change stage. (see: configuring change status)


    Stage-Status can be accessed in two ways:

    • Using Status dropdown (within Change Pane)

    • Using Status Actions dropdown (available in Status Actions Menu bar)



    Stage-Status for Submission Stage (available by default)




    Indicates Change has been requested


    Indicates Change has been accepted by concerned authority


    Indicates Change has been rejected by concerned authority

    RFI (Request for Information)

    Indicates Change Staff is seeking more info on the proposed change

    Submitted for Authorization

    Indicates Change has been submitted for higher authority approval


    • Status(es) responsible for moving change from existing stage to a succeeding/preceding stage (Accepted/Rejected, in this case) depending on the change workflow cannot be deleted, but can be renamed as per your requirement

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