Import Categories through CSV file


    You can also choose to import Categories (Subcategories and Items) that will help categorize the incoming requests through a CSV file.


    Creating and Uploading the CSV file

    The CSV file you create should follow the format as shown in the image:



    Uploading the CSV file

    1. Click Import from CSV button from the Category List View page

    2. Click Choose File button from Import Wizard pop up

    3. Locate the file and open it

    4. Click Next button



    Mapping Fields

    1. Next step is to map the fields available in CSV file with the Category, Subcategory and Item fields of the ServiceDesk Plus application



    "Category" and "Subcategory" are mandatory fields and have to be mapped during import


    1. After mapping the fields, click Import Now.


    Checking Import Summary

    1. Import Summary will display the status of import. And in case of failure the reason will be pointed out through downloadable Error file (see image). The failed CSV file will also be available in downloadable format (see image) so that the mistakes done can be corrected after which the file can be reloaded again.





    Fields not mapped/selected (Item) will not be imported.

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