Chat Settings 

    The Live Chat feature in ServiceDesk Plus MSP facilitates easy interaction between requesters and technicians. Requesters can use this feature to have their simple issues resolved without raising a request by email or phone or through the self-service portal. To make Live Chat available for requesters and technicians, the SD admin must configure Chat Settings in Helpdesk Customizer under the Admin tab.


    To begin a chat conversation with a technician, a requester must click the Live Chat button on the lower-right corner of their home page.




    Configuring Live Chat 


    • Go to Admin>>Helpdesk Customizer>>Chat settings.
    • On the displayed page, click Chat settings and fill out the various fields as shown in the following screenshot:



    Creating a Request while closing a requester chat session.

    Create new requests right from a chat window. When a requester chat session is closed, technicians will get an option to create a request along with an option to select request templates. This can be enabled by the enabling the "Create request automatically when a chat is closed" option.

    Exclude chat functionality for accounts,groups, sites, and technicians

    You can improve resource utilization and requester support by excluding certain technicians, groups, and sites from responding to chat requestsFor example, if there are various levels of technicians handling requests based on complexity, you can preclude senior technician groups from responding to chats.


    Technician chat window

    When a technician receives a chat request, they will need to pick the request within the stipulated chat response time, which is configured on the Chat settings page. The following screenshot shows technician's chat window when a new chat arrives.


    When the technician accepts the chat request, the Actions button on the top-right corner of the chat window becomes available. Using this button, the technician can set a title to the conversation, add notes, add attachments, transfer the chat to another technician, or even end the session.

    Clicking on End Session will provide you with an option to create a request along with a request template. Select the request type and template and click Close and createrequest.

    If you choose to create a request, you will be taken to the request details page with the requester details and template populated for you. 

    Note: A technician can have only 3 active chat windows at any given point in time.



    Requester chat window

    When a requester initiates a chat conversation, the predefined Welcome Message is displayed in the chat window. The requester can start a new request or select from the requester's existing open requests. Selecting a support group from the drop-down ensures effective and quicker resolution of the chat request.


    After the technician accepts the chat request, the attachment icon becomes available for the request. In case the technician does not pick up the request within the stipulated time, it becomes a missed chat, and the requester's window displays the predefined Missed Chat message.




    Close and create a request

    When the technician ends a chat session, they have the option either close it as is or close and create a request out of the conversation. 



    Chat History


    The History button in the left pane displays the details of all chats. This information can be viewed only by the SDAdmin. If you are looking for a specific chat, you can either manually scroll through history or use the Search button. 


    The search option helps narrow down and refine your results by time, requester, technician, group, and even phrases.






    Technicians chat

    Apart from the requester to technician chat, technicians can also chat among themselves using the ServiceDesk Plus chat. Two tabs are provided in the chat window; one for the requester chat and another one for the technician chat. Recent chats will be displayed at the top of the list. Technicians can be searched using the search option at the top. If technician A had missed a chat from technician B then technician A would have a notification mark next to the technician B's name in the chat window.



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