Adding Service Template

    Go to Admin>>Service Catalog, select a service category, and click Add Service.

    Enter the template name, description, associate accounts, and fill out the displayed fields.

    Besides the default fields, you can add available and custom fields to the template.


    Adding Available Fields

    Under Available Fields, select a field and drag it to the canvas.

    Click the Edit icon, enter the field properties, and click Save.




    When you mandate Item, Category and Subcategory will be mandated as well. Also, when you mandate Impact Details, Impact will be automatically mandated.

    Adding New Fields

    • Click New Field in the left pane and drag a field type to the canvas.
    • Enter the field name and description.
    • You can mark fields of some types as personally identifiable information.
    • You can also encrypt certain fields that hold confidential information about the user or the organization.
    • Choose whether the field must be configured for all service categories.
    • Set other field properties such as default value and character length and click Save.


    Sample additional field



    Additional fields you add in a template will appear in all templates and in the same name. You can edit or delete them under the Admin tab.

    Pick from the following 6 field styles, per your requirement.


    Field Style Description Example
    Single line A simple, short phrase, such as a name or seating location.


    Pick list A list of items, such as available devices or hardware. List of available asset types
    Multi line To describe an issue or to add comments. Comments

    For numbers.



    To specify time and date in a defined format such as May 1, 2019.

    May 1, 2016


    To specify a cost or a ratio.

    21.11 (Cost in Dollars)


    Editing Fields

    Hover over the field, click Edit icon, and modify the properties.

    Removing Fields

    Use the Delete icon beside the field. Deleted fields will be listed under Available Fields in the left pane.

    You cannot delete Requester Details, Subject, Description, and Status.

    Designing Field Layout

    Use sections to group fields.

    Click New Field, select a section type, and drag it to the canvas.

    Click Edit icon beside the section, enter a name, and provide help message.

    Add relevant fields into the section.

    Drag and place the template fields as required.


    Adding Resource Information

    Click Add Resource and provide a title and description.

    Click New Question and select the question as yes/no type, drop-down, check box, or plain text.

    Enable the Cost field to specify individual costs for the answer choices.

    Select whether the field contains personally identifiable information to remove the data from the system when a user is deleted.

    Enter the question manually. If the question takes the existing products as answer choices, you have to just select the product from the drop-down and then edit its price.



    After adding all your questions, click Save.



    Enabling Cost for Template

    Specify the overall cost of the service. The service cost information will be displayed at the top of the request to help Approvers quickly decide on the approvals.

    Enable Cost Details and specify the exact services and their costs.


    Associating Support Groups to Template

    You can restrict the template to be used by select support group technicians.

    Select support groups from the Available Support Groups and move them to the Selected Support Groups.


    Extending the Template Usage to Requesters

    To allow the requesters to use a template, click Show to Requester at the bottom of the form. Once you enable it, available user groups will be displayed (if you've configured them), from which you can select the groups to use the template.

    Edit individual fields and choose whether requesters can view and/or edit those fields.



    Only the fields selected for the requester to set will be displayed in the requester template.

    Fields selected for the requester to view will be displayed only in the request details page.


    Sample template




    Configuring the Template for Requesters

    Click Requesters, add the default fields to the template, and fill them out.

    Click Save and Configure Workflow.



    Under this tab, you can configure approval and task trigger settings. You can also add, organize, and delete tasks and configure task dependencies.

    Configuring Approvals and SLA

    Select the roles or individual users to approve the request in different stages, conditions as to who must approve the request and when to send approval notifications, and the like.



    Setting Task Trigger

    You can set the tasks to be automatically triggered when a request is either created or approved.

    Otherwise, you can set the tasks to be manually triggered.

    Adding Tasks

    Click New, select a template, fill out the task details, and click Save as shown in the screenshot below.



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