Configuring Change Workflow

    Go to Admin>>Problem/Change management>>Change Workflow.

    Click the Configure Workflow button beside a workflow or add a workflow and then proceed with its configuration.

    All stages with their statuses (added under Admin>>Problem & Change Management>>Stage and Status) will be displayed.


    Automating Change Approval

    For a change that is recommended by all CAB members, you can bypass approvals from the Change Manager and the Change Approver.

    To do this, select Auto approve a Change Request when all CAB members recommend it.


    Editing a Status

    Click the Edit icon next to a status of a stage and configure the following:

    • Users to notify when the change arrives at that status.
    • The stage and status to which the change must shift from the current stage and status.
    • Users to notify when the change shifts to the new stage and status.

    Click Save.



    Repeat the configuration for the statuses in all stages.


    Sample Emergency Workflow (Here's a quick read about emergency workflow.)



    Sample Standard Workflow (Here's a quick read about standard workflow.)




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