Duplicating Change Workflow


    Administrators are provided with the option of duplicating workflows; that is, copying an already existing workflow and reusing it again - under some other name - as it is or by making slight modifications based on their requirements. Duplicating workflows allows administrators to create workflows quickly, as it provides them with a definite picture of how each and every stage can be progressed and which technicians should be involved in the respective stages, since they're using an already configured workflow for reference.


    To duplicate a change workflow, follow the steps given below:

    1. Click the change workflow duplicate duplicate_icon icon appearing on-hover the change workflow list view.

    2. Specify a name for the change workflow (by default, it will be named as Copy of "Workflow Name being Copied")

    3. Mark it as Emergency (by selecting the corrosponding checkbox), if required

    4. Provide a suitable description in the description field

    5. Click Save and Configure

    6. You can:



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