Customizing the Dashboard

    The dashboard can be customized as per your requirements by adding reports as widgets and grouping them under the respective tabs (Helpdesk, Problem & Change, Assets) available in the dashboard by following the steps mentioned in this page.


    Adding Custom Widgets to Dashboard:

    To add reports as widgets to dashboard, do the following:

      • Select report (which is to be added to the dashboard) from the Reports tab (Example: Request Status by Priority)

      • Click Add to Dashboard button available in the report's details page


      • Add to Dasboard pop up opens up. Specify the following details.

    Choose the tab (Helpdesk, Problem & Change, Assets) under which Reports widget is to be added

    Decide whether the widget should be made public (visible to everyone) or should be kept private (visible only to you)

    Provide suitable description for the widget and click Add button


    Editing Custom Widget Settings:

    To edit custom widget settings, do the following:

      • Select report (appearing as custom widget in the dashboard) which is to be edited (Example: Request Status by Priority)

      • Click Edit Widget Settings button available in the report's details page


      • Edit Widget Settings pop up opens up.

    Edit the details as per your requirements (example: change the widget form public to private/private to public (or) change the tab to which the widget belongs etc)

    Click Update Settings button


    Remove Custom Widgets from Dashboard:

    To delete a custom widget,

    • Click Remove Widget Icon remove-widget available at the top right corner of the custom widget

    • Okay the warning message

    • Custom Widget will be deleted



    • Widgets available by default in the dashboard cannot be deleted/edited

    • Upto 20 Widgets (including the ones available by default) can be added under each tab (Helpdesk, Problem & Change, Assets)

    • Only Matrix-based (or) Chart-based reports can be added as widgets to the dashboard

    • Only technicians with SDAdmin, SDSiteAdmin and SDCo-ordinator roles can create/edit/delete Custom Widgets in the Dashboard

    • Custom Widgets cannot be deleted directly edited from the dashboard. To edit a custom widget, the respective report must be accessed




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