Comments & History




    What are Comments?

    Comments allows project members to communicate with each other. High level authorities can use them to dispatch orders to their subordinates. Above all, the most important aspect of this feature is that it allows members belonging to different ranks share their ideas, discuss about what they are doing, and work towards the betterment of the project.


    Adding/Deleting Comments

    1. Adding: Click on Comments Tab. Type your Comment and Save it.

    2. Deleting: Click on Delete Button comment to delete a Comment.


    History Tab

    History tab lets you view all the events that occur within a project. It lets you know 'who does what and at what time'. To access a project's history click on History tab. It is possible to hide/show a project's history by clicking on the 'show/hide' history button history_show.


    Recent History Updates Button

    Recent History Updates Button recent_updates present in the projects list view page lists events that occur across various projects present in the projects module, unlike history tab which presents information pertaining only to a specific project. Project administrators who might own all the projects present in the module benefit greatly from this option.





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