Working with Projects


    Learn how to create, edit, delete, and associate change with projects under this section.




    Creating Projects

    There are two ways in which the new project form can be accessed in the application,

    a. Quick Actions drop down

    b. Projects Tab


    a. Quick Actions drop-down menu

    The Quick Actions drop-down menu is a quick navigator to instantly access the New Project form. Click Quick Actions drop-down menu -> Project under Create New block.


    b. Projects Tab

    To create a new project from the project tab,

    1. Click Projects tab in the header pane.

    2. Select an account to which you would like to create a project from the Account drop down.

    3. Click the New Project button to open the New Project form. (Use 'Add New Link' while creating first Project.)

    4. Specify the Project Title, Description and Project Code in the fields provided.

    5. Select the Project Type, Status and Priority from the drop down list.

    6. Specify Project Schedule Start and Schedule End date.


    Adding more details to the Project:

    To evaluate Project against the projected plan, you are provided with the following additional fields:

    To add more details about the project, click More Fields... button in the New Project form.

    1. Select the Actual Start date of the project. This information is used for recording real-time project completion date.

    2. Select the Projected On date on which the project is projected to get completed.

    3. Enter the approximate hours required for completing the project in the Estimated Hours field.

    4. Enter the Actual Hours required to complete the project.

    5. Enter the planned and real-time expenditure towards the project in the Estimated Cost and Actual Cost fields.

    6. Click Save. You will find the Attach button beside the Project Attachments header.

    7. To add an attachment, click Attach button. You can use also use New file link to when you are attaching the file for the first time. This opens an Attach File pop-up.

      1. Click Browse button and select the file to be attached from the file chooser window and click Open button.

      2. Enter any Description about the attachment.

      3. Click the Attach file button. The selected file is listed below the Project Attachments heading. Please ensure that the maximum size of the attachment is 10 MB.


    Scheduling Projects

    Project Scheduling not only helps you schedule the project but also determine whether the project is 'on-schedule', 'delayed' or 'ahead' by comparing it against real-time completion.

    To schedule the project do the following:

    1. Configure the Scheduled Start and Scheduled End Date

    2. Fill in the Actual Start and Actual End Date (upon project completion)

    3. Based on Scheduled/Actual Dates, project would be considered:

      • On Schedule if the Scheduled Date and Actual Date are the same.

      • Delayed if the Project (Actual Date) has past the Scheduled Date. (no of days by which project is delayed gets displayed on the project list view page)

      • Ahead if the Project (Actual Date) is completed before the Scheduled Date. (no of days by which project is ahead gets displayed on the project list view page)



    Editing Project

    To edit a project,

    1. Click the Title of the project which you want to edit from the Project list page. This opens the Project Details page.

    2. Click the Edit icon edit displayed below the Project title to modify the project details.

    3. On modifying the details, click Update Project button to save the changes. If you do not want to save the changes, click Cancel.


    Deleting Projects

    Project can be deleted in two ways:

    a. Bulk Delete: From Project List view page, select Project(s) to be deleted, and click on Delete button.

    b. Single Delete: Select the project to be deleted by clicking on the project title in the Project List view page and click on Delete icon delete_pro.



    Project Overview Map

    Project Overview Map provides a bird's eye view of the project. This can be viewed by opening a project to view the Project View page and clicking on the Actions icon actions_1 --> Project Overview Map. It is a map that walks you through the entire project with its Milestones and Tasks representing clearly the different layers existing within the project.

    This map also indicates whether Milestones/Tasks have been completed by means of a Tick Mark tick_mark.





    Associating Change

    Projects, apart from serving as entities that help achieve some specific goal, can also be associated with Change in the form of Change Implementation.

    Project can be used as a large scale change implementation which has its own members and tasks. To associate project with Change, click on Actions icon actions_1 and select Associate Change option. The Associate Project to Change window is displayed. Select the Account from the drop down. The Change related to the selected Account are displayed. Select the Change to be associated and click Associate button.



    Note: An associated Change can be dissociated by clicking on 'Dissociate Change' option from the Actions menu.



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