First Call Resolution (FCR)

    First Call Resolution (FCR) is a powerful and valuable metric which serves as a Key Performance Indicator for operational performance of a technician and customers' satisfaction. FCR helps the administrator to comprehend if the customer's problem or inquiry has been resolved by the technician in the first call. 

    Information with respect to First Call Resolution can be viewed in 

    • Request Details page 
    • Request List View page
    • Archive Detail page
    • Archive List view 
    • Trash List view
    • Problem and Change association list view 

    How to  

    Mark FCR for a request :

    A technician can mark FCR for a request only when the administrator provides edit permission to technician for resolving, closing a request and edit a closed request.

    To mark FCR for a request

    • Open the request details page of the request.
    • Click 'Close' from the request menu. 'Close Request' window will pop up.
    • Enable the 'First Call Resolution' checkbox and close the request. 
    • The request will now be marked as FCR.




    If the request has been closed without enabling the FCR checkbox in the close request window view the closed request and click 'Mark FCR' from the request menu.



    The closed request will now be displayed with 'FCR MARKED' icon in the request details page as displayed below. 


    The closed requests will be displayed as follows in the Request List View page. 


    Unmark FCR for a request:

    To unmark a FCR marked request

    • Open the FCR marked request from the 'completed requests' list view.
    • Click on 'FCR Marked' option available below the request header in the request details page. The FCR will be unmarked for the request.
    • The FCR will be automatically unmarked for requests if the 'Closed' status is changed to 'In Progress' status. ie; when a request is re-opened.

    The operational information for FCR will be captured in request history

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