Service Request from Incident Request


    It is possible for helpdesk technicians to create a new service request from an already existing incident request. For example: your organization might be recruiting new employees by creating a request called register new employee with a set of tasks associated to it. Now, while registering new employee/facilitating employee recruitment, one of the tasks will be to provide him/her with a laptop/desktop, which is typically a service request, as you might have to contact your vendor in case the asset is not already in store.

    Under such circumstances, technicians can create a separate service request (provide desktop/laptop in this case) from the existing incident request.


    To create a service request from an incident request, do the following:

      1. Select the incident request from the request list view by clicking on the subject of request

      2. Under Actions dropdown, select Create Service Request option

      3. Create Service Request popup will open up as shown below:

    1. Select the Service Category and Choose the Service Template.

    2. Specify suitable comments.

    3. Click Create Service Request button.



    • Remember that you are creating a service request from an incident request and not converting the incident request into service request.

    • Therefore you will now have two requests: an already existing incident request and the newly created service request.

    • Technicians also convert an existing incident request into service request; to know about this, visit: converting incident request to service request




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