Adding Worklogs


    Record time spent by technicians (along with the cost involved) while working on tasks using Worklogs

    Technician Worklogs can be added/viewed from Work Log details section.

    To add a Worklog, click Add New link below Work Log details section and fill the Worklog form as follows:

    1. Select Task Owner from Owner Dropdown list

    2. Specify Start and End Time.

    3. Time Taken to Resolve will be populated based on the duration provided

    4. Technician Charge will be calculated and populated in the respective field by multiplying technician cost per hour (owner’s cost per hour) with Time Taken to Resolve data.

    5. Specify Other Charges (if any) in the respective field

    6. Field Total Charge will be the sum of Technician Charge and Other Charge

    7. Provide a suitable description

    8. Click Save (or) Save and Add New to add another Worklog.

    Once Worklog has been saved, its details will appear in the task list view page under Worklog details section.



    • Worklogs can also be added from the details page of the respective task

    • Owner’s cost per hour (technician cost per hour) will be automatically populated based on the respective technician details saved under admin --> technician section

    • You can also add first response time for requests using Worklogs (see Adding First Response using Worklogs for more details)

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