Task Details Page


    Click on a task to view the task details section. Once a task is saved, it would have the following tabs:

    • Details tab - listing various details added using task form

    • Comments tab - where technicians involved can add task-related comments

    • Worklog tab - using which time spent by technicians and the cost incurred due to the task can be recorded

    • History tab - to keep track of “who does what and at what time” within the task


    Task Details

    Details tab has an editable task form displaying various task details/fields which can be edited as the task progresses.

    Sample filled in task details page (tab) is shown below:



    Task Comments:

    Technician assigned with the task and other technicians involved with it can discuss/offer views regarding the task’s progress and ways of bettering through comments.


    Task Worklogs:

    Technician Worklogs can be added, updated or deleted (if required) using/from Worklogs tab.

    • To add a new Worklog, use Add New Button (Add New Link in case you're about to add the first task); Delete Button to delete Worklogs, use Delete button

    • To know more about how to add Worklog, see: Adding Worklogs.

      Sample Worklog tab (with an added Worklog) is shown below:



    Task History:

    Keep track of actions being performed on your task and also understand ‘who does what and at what time’ using History tab.

    • Task History can be viewed on ‘day to day’ basis.

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