Editing a Solution

    To edit a specific solution, 

    1. From the solutions list view page, click the subject link of the solution which you want to edit.

    2. Click the edit icon  on the View Solutions Details page. 

    3. You can edit all solutions to which you have access including those that are applicable to All accounts. There is only one copy of the solution that gets saved in the database. So, any changes you make to a solution will be reflected for all the accounts to which the solution is associated.

    4. In the Edit Solutions page, make the necessary modifications. The title, contents, and the topic under which you wish to place the solution are mandatory fields. You can also add more attachments or delete existing ones.

    5. Click Save. If you do not want to save the changes and get back to the solutions listing, click Cancel.

    6. On saving the solution, the status of the solution shows Unapproved. The solution has to be submitted for approval to the concerned technician. To know more on refer Submit for Approval.


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