Viewing Solution Details


    You can view the solution along with the solution details such as created by, created on, status and so on in the solution module.

    To view the solution details,

    1. Login to ServiceDesk Plus - MSP application using your username and password.

    2. Click Solution tab in the header pane. This opens the solution list view page. Choose the account of your choice. The solutions that are applicable to that account get displayed as shown below. You can also select 'All accounts' to view all the solutions that you have access to.


    Note: The Accounts select box on top of the page allows you to select the account for which you want to view data .  

    • If 'All Accounts' is selected, the data pertaining to all accounts for which the technician has access is displayed.

    • If an account's name is selected, data pertaining to the selected account is displayed.



    1. Click the solution which you want to view from the solution list view page. This opens the View Solutions Details page as shown below,


    1. The Solution Id and the Status gets displayed on the right hand side of the page.

    2. The Subject, Type and Category can be viewed along with the complete solution.  

    3. The Keywords gets listed below the solution. If there are multiple keywords then they are separated by commas.

    4. The Solution Details such as Created By, Created On, Type, Views, Status and so on can be viewed under this block. The requester details can be viewed by clicking the created by link.

    5. The Accounts to which this solution is available is displayed. Also, the selected User Groups in the account is displayed.

    6. The comments given to the solution on approving/rejecting can be viewed in Comments History. The status of the solution can also be viewed.



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