View Solution Details

    The solution details page contains all the details relevant to the solution. Besides viewing, technicians can perform several actions on a solution from its details page.

    Role Required: SDAdmins, Technicians with View Solutions permission

    View Solutions

    • Go to Solutions.
    • Click a solution to view its details.

    The canvas displays the solution article and the right pane displays metadata about the solution such as status, type, visibility, review/expiry date, or views.
    The other details relevant to the solution are categorized into individual sub-tabs as follows:

    Feedback - Add feedback about the solution article and view comments added by other users. Users can record how helpful the solution was by using the like/dislike button. Click the numbered button to view the users who reacted to the solution.

    Keywords - View the keywords added to identify the solution.

    Associations - View the associated requests, and problems.

    History - Records all operations performed on the solution.





    Besides viewing the solution details, you can perform several actions using the Edit button and Actions menu available on the toolbar.

    Edit Solution - Click the Edit button on the top of the page to modify the solution article.

    You can use the Actions menu to,

    Forward - Forward a solution via email.

    Submit for Approval - Submit the solution for approval via email.

    Approve/Reject Solution - Approve or reject a solution stating proper reason.

    Enable/Disable Comments - Allow or restrict users from commenting.

    Reset Ratings - Reset the rating anytime after modifying the solution content.

    Mark as Expired - Stop the usage of the solution.

    Mark as Active - Retrieve the expired solution.

    Delete Solution - Remove the solution that is no longer needed.




    When a solution is due for review, a notification will be displayed on the top of the page. Admins or technicians with relevant permissions can review the solution and extend the review date or mark as expired by editing the solution.



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