Integrated remote control

Take control of your clients’ workstations from the comfort of your desk.
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Why does the IT help desk need to be integrated with remote control?

Ever face a situation where you had to resolve an on-site issue, but that client's workstation was miles away from you? As an MSP with multiple sites depending on you for support, travelling long distances is simply not practical. With the remote control feature integrated with ServiceDesk Plus MSP, you can deliver IT services efficiently and banish the need to travel miles to your client.

Integrated remote control in ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

Coordinate IT services, troubleshoot incidents, or train technicians on the application using the quick-to-set up and easy-to-use ServiceDesk Plus MSP, which is crafted to fit your IT service delivery needs. You can work across the different sites of your client accounts, without travelling to their physical locations, thereby stepping up your IT productivity. You will bring down incident response times, boost resolution times, and save money, which will ultimately help you provide greater customer satisfaction and also improve your service desk's efficiency.

MSP remote access software


Access clients’ sites at any time, from anywhere. Deliver top-notch IT services.

  • Install the remote control agent and start connecting with client sites instantaneously.
  • Connect with the user’s desktop effortlessly with only a mouse click.
  • Associate specific assets with requests or users, and start remote sessions easily from a request’s details page.
  • Take advantage of the remote control agent's compatibility with Firefox, IE and Chrome browsers.
  • Share your desktop with the user easily and give them greater visibility of the issue.
  • Start a conversation with the user quickly; access the messaging panel in the remote support user interface.
  • Troubleshoot issues promptly from your workstation by taking control of the client’s desktop.
  • Share files of various types securely, such as images, docs, and spreadsheets.