Create a relationship map of your IT assets for enhanced ITSM.

What is a CMDB?

Imagine a database containing information on every asset present in your organization and the relationships between those assets. That's what you'll find in a configuration management database (CMDB). The IT components that form this database are referred to as configuration items (CIs), and can be software, hardware, a document, article, or any such item that is part of the information system of the organization. MSPs have the additional task of maintaining separate CMDBs for each account.

Why is a CMDB important?

A CMDB does the following:

ServiceDesk Plus MSP for CMDB.

With ServiceDesk Plus MSP, you can create a CMDB effortlessly and assign roles to technicians to authorize changes to CMDB components. With this application, tracking and managing all the CIs in your organization through their entire life cycle can be easy and organized. You'll never need to go hunting to find your assets again.

CMDB software

Create a comprehensive CMDB. Take better control of your IT assets.

  • Import CIs into the system quicky through Active Directory, CSV files, or a network or windows domain scan.
  • Take advantage of predefined CI and relationship types that you can customize to fit your needs.
  • Define parent-child hierarchy of CI types easily. The child CI type will automatically inherit the preconfigured attributes and relationships of the parent CI type.
  • Track all your assets automatically and save productive time for technicians.

Visualize asset relationships. Get the big picture for better IT management decisions.

  • Analyze the visualization map to get in-depth information on CI relationships and use it in impact analysis and change management.
  • View pending requests, problems and changes pertaining to assets, and business services or IT services directly in the relationship map.
CMDB software free