Manage the changing face of IT in your organization with ease!



It's no secret that an easy to use and a solid configuration management database is a must to track and manage the entire IT assets through their lifecycle. The CMDB provides a single ‘source of record’ and a logical model to track, manage, and verify all configuration items (CIs) in an organization.

Enterprises who approach the MSPs, especially the ITIL-based ones always feel that CMDB is a ‘must have’ but are hesitant as it has a reputation as being expensive, complex and difficult to setup. ManageEngine however has redefined this belief with the CMDB module in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP. So now, we're really challenging you to take a fresh look at CMDB and what good it can do for your business.


  • Provides transparency on relationships between the CIs
  • Proactive management with better risk assessment
  • Easily identify problems with effective root cause analysis
  • Helps keep track of all the changes to the CIs
  • Better management of assets and its configurations


  • ServiceDesk Plus provides a list of pre-defined/customizable Configuration Item Types and Relationship Types, also supporting a parent- child hierarchy for CI Types.
  • Each CI Type is defined with attributes and relationships. The Child CI Type will inherit the attributes and relationships configured for the Parent CI Type.
  • Visualization map provides a detailed view of the CI relationships, acting as an information model in impact analysis and change management.
  • The pending requests, problems and changes raised for Assets, Business Service or IT Service can be viewed from the relationship map.
  • Eliminates human efforts by facilitating automatic tracking of your IT assets.
  • Populating the configuration management database is achieved by importing the data of IT assets into the system, centralizing the information. CIs can be imported through AD or CSV file and through network/windows domain scan.