Knowledge Base:

Create a database of related information from the best practices experienced day to day by your support team. You can classify the Knowledge base topics specific to each account and also further restrict the topics specific to technician and requesters. Provide personalized knowledge base to each account and look professional.


  • Build & access Knowledge base easily
  • Knowledge Base topics specific to each Account
  • Knowledge Base topics to End Users to troubleshoot basic incidents.
  • Maintain an Approval process to avoid unnecessary topic addition.
  • Role based solution accessibility for technicians.
  • Searchable solutions indexed by specified keywords.
  • Group solutions by topics and sub-topics to facilitate easier access.
  • Advanced search option to search the knowledge base articles with multiple criteria.


  • Reduce Load on your Help Desk.
  • End users can get solutions to common problems 24X7 from a web browser.
  • Share knowledge and improve productivity.
  • Easy to access and manage.