Resource management

Plan, manage, and deploy the right resources to the right job
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What is resource management?

Effective resource management involves strategically allocating and utilizing talent to meet the needs and expectations of clients. This includes managing availability, closely monitoring and optimizing performance, and ensuring timely completion of tasks to ensure smooth operations and a seamless service delivery experience.

Why is resource management important?

Effective resource management not only minimizes delays and overspending but also improves productivity and customer satisfaction. By systematically tracking resource utilization and task allocation, unused resources can be reallocated, maximizing operating efficiency leading to both time and cost savings.

With a centralized view of all resources, including their skills and workload, MSPs are able to make informed decisions and foster teamwork for better outcomes.

Resource management in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

The resource management feature in ServiceDesk Plus MSP allows admins to track and manage resources in real-time, offering a quick and effective method to distribute their tasks.

This capability offers a comprehensive overview of their complete task list, availability, and utilization levels. By viewing technician activities at a glance, you can ensure optimal workload distribution and timely completion of tasks.

Resource management

Resource management in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Manage availability of each resource and ensure workload balance.

  • Get a bird's eye view of time spent by technicians across different activities.
  • Organize and effectively monitor the task schedule for every technician
  • Determine the availability and workload of each resource with the help of overutilized/underutilized flags.
  • Gain clarity at a glance with color coded tasks that's based on status, priority, and task type.