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Service Catalog

Streamline your IT service delivery



Service Catalog allows you to showcase different services you offer to your accounts. It helps capture information specific to each service and reduces the number of e-mail iterations between the technician and the end-user.

Raising a service request is instantaneous from ServiceDesk Plus – MSP’s Service Catalog. Just browse, select and submit your service request.

Service Catalog

Define your ‘catalog of services’

Create a catalog of services for each of your accounts. Service Catalogs help you list all kinds services from basic ones like requests for a new laptop or software to complex ones like new employee joining one of your accounts.

Group your services

When you have a number of services to offer, browsing through the list of services becomes difficult. ServiceDesk Plus – MSP allows you to categorize the different services you offer into Service Categories. Users can look-up services under each service category.

Provide fine-grained control to services that you offer

You may wish to provide certain services only to a subset of users from an account. ServiceDesk Plus – MSP allows you to group users from each account based on department, job title, e-mail ID and sites. Once you create such user-groups, you can choose to associate services only to specific user groups. For instance, only 'Managers' can request for a ‘Team relocation’ service.

Set Approvals & Escalations

Almost all service requests require an approval process to ensure that it fits the IT budget. ServiceDesk Plus – MSP allows you to configure the approvals and SLAs for each of your accounts. You can set single or multiple approvers for each service, and this ensures that the service is approved from all the configured approvers.

You can also define Service Level Agreements for each service and make sure the service is delivered as agreed