Service Level Agreements

Deliver SLA-driven services for greater customer satisfaction.
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What are service level agreements (SLAs) for MSPs?

When clients decide what services they want from an MSP, they also outline what they expect from those services. These expectations are called service level agreements (SLAs). As an MSP, your job is to manage and live up to such expectations with prompt and professional services. With SLAs, you can set up service delivery targets and stick to them.

Why are SLAs important?

SLAs set the standard for your service delivery. Clients bank on their MSP to deliver services promptly. SLAs help MSPs keep up with expected service delivery times by allowing them to keep track of ticket progress with timely reminders and escalations.

ServiceDesk Plus MSP for SLA-based service delivery.

Improve the overall productivity and service delivery of your help desk with faster ticket resolution rates using the SLA feature in ServiceDesk Plus MSP. Create SLAs for responses as well as for resolutions, configure SLA rules for incidents and service requests separately, automate significant actions, and prevent SLA breaches with timely escalations. Take advantage of easy SLA management in ServiceDesk Plus MSP for greater service efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

MSP SLA example


Create account and site-specific SLAs. Make way for service excellence.

  • Create specific escalation criteria for each account.
  • Define unique SLAs for each site in each account, based on the site's workflow.
  • Set up separate SLAs for incidents and service requests, and take advantage of unique, ticket-specific actions.
  • Freeze SLA timers to prevent automatic escalation when a ticket is waiting for the end user's response.
  • Create response and resolution SLAs and keep track of your due dates.
  • Calculate SLAs accurately by opting to exempt or include the non-operational hours for each account or site.
  • Configure SLA rules to automatically assign SLAs for incoming tickets based on a range of criteria.

Escalate SLA violations. Minimize SLA breaches.

  • Set up anywhere from one to four levels of escalations for each SLA.
  • Escalate SLA violations to multiple technicians at each level.
  • Send technicians proactive or reactive notifications on SLA due dates.
MSP SLA template




Extract SLA violation reports easily. Prevent ticket backlogs.

  • Identify SLA-violated tickets easily in the request view with the overdue alert flag.
  • Get a quick overview of SLA-violated tickets and their statuses with SLA violation reports.
  • Get into the details of SLA-violated tickets by filtering reports with parameters such as site, category, priority, or technician.
  • Share reports with technicians and stakeholders effortlessly by exporting them in a variety of formats such as CSV, HTML, XLS, and PDF.