Request Life Cycle

Design a request resolution process, and streamline services across the board.
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Service request management


Leverage custom life cycles to streamline request management processes

  • Make tickets pass through a determined sequence with predefined request life cycles.
  • Build request life cycles on a simple drag-and-drop canvas.
  • Define conditions and actions for tickets to move between statuses.
  • Create custom actions to be executed before, during, and after transitions between statuses.

Fine-tune ticket management, and boost technician productivity

  • Restrict manual movement between statuses using conditional rules, and minimize technician error.
  • Flag fields as mandatory during transitions in order to collect contextual information at every stage of the ticket life cycle.
  • Define access controls on ticket information at different stages of the ticket life cycle.
Service request management software


Help desk ticket lifecycle


Take control of the ticket life cycle, and provide a seamless experience