ServiceDesk Plus MSP version 9.3 ServiceDesk Plus MSP version 9.2
ServiceDesk Plus MSP 9.3 rolls out with exciting new features to pack a punch to your service desk. Take advantage of customizable dashboards, the change module now available in all three editions, the job sheet customizer, and more.
  General Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Profile picture

Users can upload a profile picture in .jpg, .png, .jpeg, or .bmp formats. The maximum size limit is 5 MB.

Top right corner of the user menu.


Job sheet customizer 

The customizable job sheet template allows the administrator to add or remove variables in the template by clicking the preferred variables from the list box. The customization is specific to each account. 

Job sheet customizer configuration --> Admin --> Billing 


Marking tech availability

Technicians can mark their availability by choosing either 'Online' or 'Offline' in the technician calendar. This can be viewed while assigning Requests/Tasks.

Home page -> tech availability chart -> Top right corner of the user menu (Choose Online/Offline)

4. Changes

The "Changes" module is available for the Standard and Professional trial editions. 

Standard and Professional trial editions of ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

  Dashboard Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Customizable dashboards

Customize dashboards as per your preference. Re-size and re-arrange the dashboard; add, remove, and restore widgets; define privacy settings. The administrator can create private dashboards viewable by all technicians or make shared and managerial dashboards accessible only to a specific user group.

Under the Dashboard Module. (Account Based)

  1. Create Dashboard.
  2. Create Widgets.
  3. Resize and Rearrange the Dashboards and Widgets.
  4. Sharing Options (Private, Public (Tech) and Shared(specific User))
  Requests Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Duplicating service requests/Copy service requests

Create a new service request from an existing service request. The new service request will contain all the request details copied from the existing one.

Service Request Details Page -> Actions -> Duplicate Request

2. Request editing at any stage.

Requesters can edit requests before they are approved, resolved, or closed. With this feature, requesters can correct any wrong information, or fill any missed out fields in their request.

Login as a requester -> Create a request. The edit link is available in the request details page.

3. Define first call resolution (FCR) for requests while adding work logs or notes. 

Add the FCR for a service request while adding work logs and notes. Normally, the first response time corresponds to the time when a technician replies to a request through mail. Technicians can also choose to record the same when adding work logs and notes to the request as well.

Requests -> Request details page(SR)-> Actions -> Add Notes. Requests -> Request details page(SR)-> Work Log -> Add New Requests -> Request details page(SR)-> Resolution -> Add Work Log

4. Convert service requests to incidents.

Convert a service request to an incident request.

Actions -> Convert Service into Incident in Service Request Details page

  Assets Discovery Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. SNMP V3 scan.

Support for SNMP V3 scan has been introduced.

Credential library >> Credential type;Asset >> printer scan

  Assets Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Automatic deletion of unwanted, system-generated emails

Configure a setting in the self service portal to automatically delete system-generated notifications such as acknowledgment or assignment emails. The time period can be set to automatically delete the closed request conversation (system generated).

Configuration available under self service portal settings. 

  Purchase Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Search for purchase orders (POs)

Option to search POs using additional fields in global search.

This search box is available under all modules. In the search box, we can choose module (Purchase) first and then type the values of additional fields.

  Projects Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Project templates

Save time and effort by creating project templates for projects that are repetitive and contain milestones, tasks, and sub-tasks. 

Admin >> Project management >> Project templates (Account based)

  Admin Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. Deactivate undeleted support groups automatically 

Undeleted support groups can be made inactive and unvailable for further usage.

Admin >> support group >> Inactive groups

2. Custom schedules

Perform customized actions through a customized script file at scheduled intervals. This feature enables the administrator to set up a new schedule, modify an existing schedule, and remove, activate, or deactivate a schedule. This option is available under Admin >> General Settings >> Custom Schedules.

Admin >> General settings >> Enable custom schedule

3. Security settings

Configure security settings to make sure your data is secure.

Admin >> General Settings >> Security Settings.

4. Additional fields for service requests

Add up to 50 additional fields of any type to a service request.

Admin -> Service Catalog - Additional Fields.

5. Setting restriction in approval emails.

Choose the restriction type while sending request approval emails. 

Admin >> self service portal - Settings page

6. Request closure code

Prompt for the request closure code when the status of a request is changed to 'resolved'. This option will be available only if the 'auto close' option is enabled.

Admin -> Request Closure Rules -> Enable Automated Close option.

Resolved option is available in Request details page's

  1. Inline edit.
  2. Spot edit.
  3. Global edit.

It is also available when replying to requests also.

  Integration (Admin) Feature What it's about Where to find it
1. ME Integrations

Add external links to the application, making it easy for users to access a variety of online or custom applications.

Admin >> integration Admin >> General Settings >> ME integration >> Manage ZOHO creator link
2. QuickBooks Online Integration

Customer details in QuickBooks can be synced with ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

Admin >> integration >> Other integrations

3. Access to Zoho Books generated bills

Bills generated from Zoho Books can be accessed from ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

Admin >> integration >> ME integrations

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