Software license management

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What is software license management?

Tracking software compliance, detecting unauthorized and illegal software usage, and managing software licenses for every client account are all part of your regular service routine as an MSP. Automated software license management involves recording, tracking, maintaining, and associating software licenses in an organization, in an effort to comply with vendors' software agreements and eliminate manual effort.

Why is software licensing important?

When you're managing different client accounts' IT assets, you need to watch out for two things: 1) having too many licenses and 2) skipping license renewals. While the former can put an unnecessary strain on your IT budget, the latter poses a threat to software compliance. With a software license management system, you can reach that fine balance of achieving software license optimization and compliance.

With a centralized view of all resources, including their skills and workload, MSPs are able to make informed decisions and foster teamwork for better outcomes.

Software licensing in ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

You can turn to ServiceDesk Plus MSP, help desk software designed specifically for MSPs, to help you manage every aspect of your IT services. Software license management becomes a breeze when you use this tool, as almost every significant action is automated, including periodic software scans and license renewals. An added advantage is that you can create as many license types as required, in addition to the default types offered in the application.

Software license compliance management


Record and organize your software licences. Manage your budget efficiently.

  • Take advantage of the default license types or create new ones for each account, and assign them to all of your software.
  • Manage various license types with ease, such as OEM, concurrent, enterprise, free, named user, node locked, and trial.
  • Track licenses based on the workstation or user.
  • Link multiple licenses to each site in each account to maintain complete records of licenses in all accounts.
  • Record the number of installations used for each license.
  • Maintain information on all license agreements with their purchase details and invoices, and associate them with multiple software licenses.

Stay free from license management risks. Maintain software compliance.

  • Keep track of licenses with proactive notifications to avoid unexpected license expirations.
  • Get an overview of the software compliance status using a graph of purchased licenses against your installed software.
  • Enable periodic, automatic scans of workstations and keep track of license violations and unauthorized software installation.
Software license management tool