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Steps to rollback when ServiceDesk Plus - MSP upgrade fails

Please send us the following files to analyze the issue before Rollback. This will help us to analyze the issue.

1. Zip the complete log folder present under <servicedesk plus msp home>/server/default and upload the same in the below mentioned link. Please send this file immediately, so that we can start analyzing the issue.

2. If you already have a full backup, please upload the same as mentioned below . Else follow the steps available here and send us the Trimmed backup alone of your actual production data. We will restore the data in our environment and analyze the issue further.

You can upload the files in the following link :

- In the upload page, please select 'Product' as 'ServiceDesk Plus MSP'.

- Fill the other fields and click on 'Upload'. This will upload the data file and send you a confirmation e-mail.

In a scenario where the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP upgrade fails it is possible to build a system that is identical to the one prior to the upgrade, provided a backup was taken before the upgrade. This backup could be a manual backup initiated before the upgrade process or it could be a backup which the system would have prompted during the upgrade process.

Please follow the instructions given below to restore the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP to an earlier version.

Instructions for restoring ServiceDesk Plus - MSP:

  1. If you’ve had the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP and the database installed on the same Virtual Server, then a snapshot taken just before the upgrade can be used to restore the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP.
  2. In case the above mentioned Step 1 is not an option, a new installation of the prior build needs to be installed and then the backup file can be restored. You can download the respective builds from the following location:
  3. Before installing the build please rename the existing installation folder of ServiceDesk Plus - MSP to ServiceDeskMSP_OLD. This is important because we do not want the new installation to overwrite the existing installation.
    Note: Installation process will first try to uninstall the current setup. So, you may need to run it the second time to install the application.
  4. Find a backup file that was taken manually before the upgrade process. The backup file should be present in the (C:\ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\backup) folder in the old installation. If the name of the backup file contains "fullbackup", it will have the database information and attachments otherwise its a trimmed-backup which contains database information alone.Trimmed Backups are stored under (C:\ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\trimmedbackup).Either of these can be used to restore the database.Please check the time stamp on the backup files so that you know you are restoring the correct file.
  5. If you are using MySQL database, skip to step 7.
  6. If the database is MSSQL, you need to delete the existing database for the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP in the SQL server(By default the database name will be 'servicedesk'). After deletion run the changeDBServer.bat/sh script found in the /bin folder to enter MSSQL settings and test the connection and save. After the settings are successfully saved, start and stop ServiceDesk Plus - MSP [Only after a restart of the application the database tables gets created in the SQL server]. Skip to step 8.
  7. Start the service ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus - MSP make sure you are able to login using the default username, password and then stop the service.
  8. Start the service ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus - MSP make sure you are able to login using the default username, password and then stop the service.
  9. Now, If you had used a trimmed backup to restore the data, then you need to copy the following folders from old installation to the new installation:
    Note: The archive folder might not be present if you are restoring a version earlier to 7.6
  10. Start the application and make sure your data is intact.

Uninstallation of a successfully installed patch is not supported.

It would be of great help if you can send us the log files from the failed setup that will help us identify the root cause of the failure and in turn help us improve the upgrade tool. You could send the updatemanager0.txt, updatemanager1.txt and updatemanager2.txt files found in [ServiceDeskPlus-MSP-Home]\server\default\log folder to .