ServiceDesk Plus helps Regis unify, automate, and accelerate service delivery to its 9,000 employees

About Regis Aged Care:

Regis is the largest provider of aged care in Australia and has primarily focused on residential aged care living for the past 30 years. It also offers independent living units, home care, day therapy centers, and a wide range of services to the aged community. Regis began with 104 residents and now cares for more than 7,200 residents across Australia, supported by its 9,000-strong workforce.

At the start of the pandemic, Regis had to support its employees primarily through two channels: phone calls and emails. Its technicians from different departments, such as HR, Payroll, and Procurement, found it difficult to interact with users as well as track and manage the multitudes of tickets raised through the above channels. Regis' need of the hour was to unify its enterprise service offerings and help its technicians interact with users and manage tickets from a single console. As an aged care provider, Regis also has to react quickly to incoming critical requests with significant urgency.

Regis started the search for an apt ITSM platform based on Gartner's ITSM research reports and recommendations. It zeroed in on ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus after evaluating it alongside other ITSM vendors.

Enterprise service management (ESM) in ServiceDesk Plus has been a game changer for Regis. ESM helps teams deliver services to their employees through a shared enterprise self-service portal. The rapid-start ESM capability in ServiceDesk Plus has enabled departments like HR and IT to set up purpose-built instances swiftly.

The different enterprise service desks at Regis categorize and prioritize incoming requests and queries by employing business rules that automate this process. This reduces the need for technicians to perform repetitive actions for ticket resolution across departments.

"So you're not having to go to a separate page to access help for this department or that department. It's all in one spot [portal], and I think that's really fantastic, and it was difficult for me to find that in another product,"
- said Stan Veloutsos, IT service desk manager at Regis Aged Care, as he concluded on his team's experience with ServiceDesk Plus.

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