eStore Logistics prevented asset loss of $120,000 using ServiceDesk Plus

About eStore

eStore Logistics is the largest third-party logistics company in Australia, specialised in providing warehouse and order fulfilment to e-commerce and traditional retail stores. It is a tech-enabled logistics leader, fulfilling 20 million sales orders annually to clients. Its clientele includes Australia's largest pure play online retailer, Australia's largest online furniture retailer, more than 10 of Australia's top 50 ecommerce businesses, and iconic Australian retailers with retail and ecommerce stores.

ServiceDesk Plus has significantly helped eStore Logistics by enhancing employee experience and supporting its end users in a timely and efficient manner. Previously, eStore Logistics had used Zendesk to provide services to its end users. Now that eStore Logistics has integrated Zendesk with ServiceDesk Plus, it has allowed to route its end user queries and support requests directly into its support channels. This integration has allowed for complete transparency of all the information flowing between different departments.

eStore Logistics has implemented change management in its organisation using ServiceDesk Plus, which has enabled it to execute changes with proper approvals and minimize outages.

Using incident management and service request management in ServiceDesk Plus, eStore Logistics' end users have the ability to go to the self-service portal to make requests for certain services like new laptops or new user onboarding, rather than having back-and-forth correspondence with the department heads and the HR team.

eStore Logistics has made the most of ServiceDesk Plus' templates by creating a multitude of templates based on the type of request that would come in—like an incident or a service request—which has allowed its technicians to provide a consistent and professional response to end users. The self-service portal has also enhanced end user experience, enabling them to raise requests or incidents, as well as track the status of each rather than relying on verbal confirmation.

Now, the users have confidence. There is transparency and every single ticket that comes in is auto-assigned based on ticket categories, and assigned to subject experts so they get looked at and actioned in a much more quick and efficient manner
- Mihir Patel, IT infrastructure manager, eStore Logistics

eStore Logistics use SLAs within ServiceDesk Plus to monitor tickets and ensure that the tickets are resolved within the agreed SLA for the end users. ServiceDesk Plus has helped eStore Logistics follow its company value of being client obsessed. eStore Logistics is able to smoothly resolve issues, queries, and requests by quickly providing clients and end users with responses whenever they use the proper channel.

eStore Logistics supports its employees, end users, and operations team, always striving to improve the delivery of accepted outcomes. Prior to implementing ServiceDesk Plus, eStore Logistics constantly had over 100-140 unresolved tickets. Within a year of implementing proper technician auto-assignment and SLAs in ServiceDesk Plus, eStore Logistics was able to reduce its open ticket volume by 78%, down to 20-30 tickets at any given time. This has helped technicians stay on top of tickets, responding to customers and resolving tickets efficiently.

Prior to using ServiceDesk Plus, eStore Logistics also had a high loss rate for important equipment used in its warehouses. Inefficient asset management resulted in 20-30 of its over 400 devices being lost each year. Now that eStore Logistics uses the asset management in ServiceDesk Plus, it is provided visibility of its assets. Since implementing asset management in ServiceDesk Plus, the loss rate significantly fell, with only two devices flagged in a recent asset audit.

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