Couriers Please adopts ServiceDesk Plus
to deliver better customer
service experiences

About Couriers Please

Couriers Please is a specialised metropolitan parcel delivery business and is uniquely placed to service its customers through its independently owned franchisee fleet of couriers.

The business challenge

Couriers Please relied on Microsoft Outlook to manage inquiries and customer interactions before implementing ServiceDesk Plus. The challenge in using Outlook was that there were no insights into help desk productivity and agent interactions. During busy days, numerous customer inquiries would be sent to its Outlook mailbox with no clarity on the exact inflow. Moreover, the company's budget was small due to conflicting organizational priorities that took precedence. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus emerged as the solution to Courier Please's ITSM woes.

The solution

Even though ServiceDesk Plus was made for IT technicians and did not function like a CRM tool, Courier Please saw an opportunity to implement ServiceDesk Plus as a ticketing system and has been servicing its customers end-to-end for six years.

The ServiceDesk Plus experience

With ServiceDesk Plus, Couriers Please now manages the inflow of inquiries better while improving agent productivity. ServiceDesk Plus gave Courier Please insights that showed where to focus its investments in terms of time and money. Customer service agents are also onboarded and trained in ServiceDesk Plus in no time due to easy user training.

"We didn't have a budget for a CRM, so we had to go another way with it. This was a solution that we could plug and play and get it up quickly. Simple user training was required."
- Dharshi, customer service specialist, Couriers Please

Previously with Outlook, Couriers Please struggled with escalations within its team. ServiceDesk Plus helps by creating a child ticket for an existing ticket and handling it through a supporting business unit. This helped minimize the potential of a technician, without customer service training, responding directly to a customer. The interactions between customer service agents and internal business units are handled on a different ticket, separate from the interactions with the customer on the parent ticket. The ticket information is transposed into the parent ticket, minimizing the need for any back and forth. Once the parent ticket is closed, the child ticket would be closed simultaneously.

ServiceDesk Plus enables teams in Couriers Please to implement the right SLAs, create reports, and make operations visible, bringing best practices across business units. Couriers Please finds reporting and analytics in ServiceDesk Plus beneficial as it helps build reports quickly and easily in the necessary formats. Couriers Please can visualise raw data in the form of tables, see how numbers could peak, and compare them to previous years. It can get the information in a pie chart or a table format for presentations, helping analyse the impact of its customer service initiatives. The teams can also derive crucial insights from their operations,
like agent performance.

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