Stratco manages and tracks SLAs to promptly deliver an exceptional
end-user experience

About Stratco

Stratco is one of the largest producers and marketers of home improvement products in Australia. Stratco uses its state of the art manufacturing facilities and services its customers with a large network of home improvement stores across the country.

The business challenge

Stratco had problems understanding its request management. There was not enough transparency over the inflow of requests, there were no SLAs, and no standard operating procedures to process the incoming requests were in place.

The ServiceDesk Plus experience

Using ServiceDesk Plus has helped teams in collaborating effectively, offering a consistent way of triaging and sharing information internally through its knowledge base.

The main competitor we looked at [was] ServiceNow, and we chose ServiceDesk Plus because of its ease
of configuration.
- Bradley Marks, IT and service delivery manager, Stratco

Stratco chose ServiceDesk Plus instead of ServiceNow because of its user interface, which was quite powerful and beneficial. Another aspect was the straightforward and easy setup, from installation to having a working product, which was also shorter compared to other products in the market.

ServiceDesk Plus has helped Stratco increase its output by enabling its teams to measure themselves against SLAs. It has helped Stratco understand different costs, like costs of employees, costs of each ticket, etc., which helped improve its service delivery.

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