In most organizations, HR service management processes start with internal chats or phone calls and end with Word documents and Excel sheets. Managing all that information in such an old-fashioned manner becomes extremely tedious as the organization grows. Most organizations, even with an HRMS, use antiquated systems that make HR professionals' jobs more difficult. Instead of automating processes and decreasing work, these tools become a source of additional problems and remain underutilized. This creates further process inefficiencies and redundancy.

Some of the other prominent challenges faced by HR teams are:

HR service delivery

Lack of a centralized service delivery mechanism

Typically, HR departments are divided into several branches, requiring employees with different requests to communicate through multiple channels. HR teams may find themselves running lots of separate processes in the absence of a centralized service management system, resulting in disjointed service delivery and frustrated employees.

HR work from home & hybrid work

Supporting hybrid work

It is anticipated that after the pandemic, more than half of employees will work from home, up from 30% previously (as mentioned in Gartner's recent report A Business Case for the Hybrid Workforce). Even once the pandemic is over, Gartner's report estimates that approximately 78% of employees will want to work from home. Are HR departments prepared to handle such a vast online workforce? Moreover, HR departments need to keep employees informed of all current events, send targeted messaging to managers and other employee groups, and provide a safe and flexible workspace experience regardless of where employees work. However, experience reveals that just a handful of businesses are prepared to deal with these situations effectively.

HR IT service process management

Monitoring and managing complex HR processes

Managing complex HR requests and keeping track of productivity can be a huge burden without a proper service management tool. Are you still juggling separate onboarding software and request management software? Still making manual reports? Still tracking and analyzing the effectiveness of service delivery processes manually? Looks like you're in need of a proper HR service management tool!

HR knowledge management tool

Absence of optimal
knowledge management

When something goes wrong, employees look for speedy answers and immediate responses to their L1 tickets. They are forced to contact HR directly rather than submitting tickets or looking for solutions in the HR portal due to a lack of available information in the current HR service management solution (that is, if the organization has implemented one at all). This, in turn, places an unneeded burden on HR professionals and affects their productivity.

What ServiceDesk Plus brings to the table

Centralized employee portal

A real-time view of all services, assets , and solutions — all under a single roof. Provide a one-stop destination for all your employees' needs.

Hybrid workforce support

Keep your employees informed with targeted communications, essential announcements, and a flexible workspace experience, anywhere.

Smarter, scalable employee management

Add unlimited employees and multiple sites of your organization. Manage all your employees efficiently with smart workflows, no-code automations, and interdepartmental collaborations.

Ease of deployment

Get your HR help desk started with zero coding efforts from your end. Build your own workflows and life cycles for the different processes to get the work done efficiently.

HR service delivery & management

Self-service portal

Provide a one-stop destination for your employees.

Streamline the HR service management process for your organization, and help employees help themselves.

  • Showcase your service catalog on the self-service portal, and allow your employees to pick and choose their required services.
  • Reduce the burden on HR agents by allowing employees to check the status of their tickets right from the self-service portal.
  • Leverage automated notifications to keep end users updated on ticket progress and approvals.
  • Minimize tickets and walk-ins with company-wide or user-specific announcements of downtime and outages.
  • Build and showcase a user-specific knowledge base with FAQs and solutions to all the common issues.

No-code automations

Speed up ticket assignment and resolutions with simple automations.

Leverage no-code automations to improve your overall HR service desk efficiency.

Custom life cycles

Create custom life cycles to streamline the request and change management process.

Build smart workflows to incorporate the best service delivery practices for your HR department.

  • Utilize a simple drag-and-drop interface to build request and change life cycles and help agents navigate through custom statuses.
  • Define conditional actions to control the flow of the ticket resolution process.
  • Handle all types of requests and changes with unique workflows.
  • Gain a better understanding of your change management processes with six custom stages, and assign these six stages their own statuses.
  • Send contextual notifications at various stages of the request and change life cycles.
Incident request template

Request templates

Create and save frequently used request forms to obtain accurate information.

Get an exact picture of employees' issues or service requests with customizable request templates. Begin by gaining a deeper grasp of the situation.

  • Design custom incident forms or request templates easily with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Connect custom forms to relevant expert agent groups to expedite ticket assignment and resolution.
  • Assign tasks to custom incident forms, and set up automatic task activation when a ticket is created using a template.
  • Allow for multi-level approvals and link service SLAs to custom service request forms.
  • Utilize custom scripts to extend form workflows.
HR service delivery & management

Service catalog

Showcase all your services to your employees.

Save time for your employees and agents by using a prebuilt catalog of all your services, and leverage custom SLAs and multi-stage approvals.

  • Provide a personalized shopping experience for end users in the self-service portal.
  • Promote self-help and improve operational efficiency.
  • Enable a five-stage approval process when a ticket is created from the service catalog.
  • Define tasks and set task dependencies for smart collaboration.
IT helpdesk reports


Analyze the HR service desk's performance without hassle.

Have all the essential information at your fingertips so you can make informed decisions.

  • Gain in-depth insights on your HR service desk's efficiency with over 180 out-of-the-box reports.
  • Keep tabs on your HR agents' performance with reports on SLA compliance and the time spent on tickets.
  • Allow the user-friendly Reports Wizard to guide you through the full process of creating custom reports.
  • Select from multiple report formats, such as Tabular, Summary, Matrix, or Audit.
  • Export reports in a variety of formats, such as HTML, CSV, PDF, and XLS.
  • Schedule and receive predefined or custom reports at timely intervals.
Microsoft Teams integration

Microsoft Teams integration

Add your service desk to your shared workspace on Teams.

Provide comprehensive enterprise service management within a digital environment.

  • Create and track new incidents from within your organization's Teams interface.
  • Allow agents and employees to perform a number of request management activities.
  • Pick up tickets or assign HR agents to requests within Teams.
  • Initiate remote sessions or meetings with employees to quickly address their issues.

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HR service management

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